Ask yourself a simple question:

How engaged are your staff?

Do they turn up to work each day ready and motivated to put their best foot forward? Or are they simply clock watching and looking forward to 5pm rolling around to signify the end of another day’s toil?

If you have more people in the ‘clock watching’ camp than you care to admit (well not publicly anyway), why should you really care?

Here’s one good reason —

Research shows an unmistakable link between a highly engaged workforce and organisations with profit margins that comfortably outperform industry benchmarks. Indeed some studies point to profit margins of companies with a highly engaged workforce being about three times higher than those companies with low engagement levels. Countless other studies point to the same conclusion. (See evidence here, here and here).

The bottom line?  Engaged people = above average profits.

Employees who are focused, motivated, ready to do their best work every day, and in tune with the organisation’s goals and values will deliver better outcomes to both internal and external customers time and time again.

That is why the goal of attaining true workforce engagement is an undeniably attractive target for any organisation to pursue.

So how does one go about measuring staff engagement levels and moving the needle upwards?

The old adage that ‘you can’t manage what you don’t measure’ is apt. Hence measuring the status quo – your current staff engagement levels – is the first logical step.

And that’s where we can help.

PeoplePulse’s Staff Engagement Survey solution helps you to:

Staff Engagement Surveys

Fully branded surveys to match your corporate look and feel, with the option to utilise the PeoplePulse logo to reinforce the involvement of an independent 3rd party.



Insightful charts and graphs that clearly depict
the key engagement drivers.

  • Measure and assess how engaged and motivated your employees are to perform at their best,
  • Obtain actionable insight into your employees’ attitudes and opinions towards their work and work environment,
  • Highlight any areas that are holding employees back from performing at their best, and solicit ideas on how to remove those roadblocks,
  • Easily compare results by key demographics such as age, gender, location, division, tenure, etc,
  • Utilise data-driven insights to help you develop effective strategies to improve the performance and impact of your workforce.

What you receive:    

Your Own Dedicated Project Manager

Our Project Managers have extensive experience in the set up and delivery of best in class Staff Engagement Projects.  Their role is to ensure your engagement survey runs in an efficient and effective manner from start to finish.

14 different report types - all updated in real time

Quickly pinpoint key engagement drivers. Easily identify strengths or weaknesses. Filter results by gender, location, department, or whatever variables interest your organisation. Our reporting is fantastic!

Complete branding flexibility

When it comes to your survey branding we give you the ultimate choice. Mirror the exact look of your website, co-brand with the PeoplePulse logo, or 100% PeoplePulse branded. Your call.

Proven Engagement Survey Questionnaires

Utilise our proven staff engagement survey templates utilised by over 150 clients, or bring your own questions, or use a mix of both.

Automated invites and reminders

Easy to upload recipient e-mails to our system to trigger survey invites and reminders. Invite by email, SMS, QR code, intranet or paper – or a combination of all.

The option to pre-load respondent data

Why waste your staff member’s time by asking them to complete pages of demographic data? PeoplePulse lets you pre-load that information. Your survey will be shorter, and you will be able to filter your reports by any data you pre-load.

What Makes Us A Great Solution For You?    

It’s simple –  

At PeoplePulse we combine the very best in online survey software and reporting with your own dedicated Project & Account Manager.

This combination of exceptional software and unmatched support & advice works to ensure that your staff engagement survey is set up professionally without fuss, and that ultimately your survey delivers you the insight you need to make better business decisions.

(* Not to mention that to date we’ve helped more than 1,000 other organisations implement first class staff feedback solutions).  We look forward to the opportunity to assist you too.

A sample of our 1,000+ survey clients:


What our Staff Engagement Survey clients are saying:

I truly enjoyed working with my Project Manager and would have no hesitation in recommending this approach to managing a survey in future..


– AMP Capital
I found all PeoplePulse staff to be friendly effective and efficient. The support through the reporting was fantastic as it was paced for me and my requirements. Thanks to all and I look forward to next years.


– Therapy Focus
My Project Manager is extremely competent, professional and friendly and exceeded my expectations with responding to my enquiries, providing support and meeting needs of our business. You have been a pleasure to deal with.


– StateCover Mutual
I would highly recommend PeoplePulse to another organisation for their survey requirements.


– Community Banking Sector

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